Thank you for looking after [child] and helping him grow and learn. It’s been 6 1/2 years we have been coming to you. I for one will miss it (mum). Thank you for all the support with everything.

Thank you to you all for having such a wonderful impact on both [child] and [child] over the years, They loved their time with you and as a family we will miss you all.

Thank you for having [child] she has enjoyed everyday she’s been with you.

Thank you for looking after me, playing lots of games & helping me learn new things!! I have loved  being here !!

It’s has been a fairy-tale like no other. Two beautiful little girls have been nurtured and cared for by amazing friends, and even though it is sad to leave you all, it is a very happy ending.

We would like to thank you for everything you have done for [child], we can’t believe since joining your nursery. [child] always talks about her friends at nursery, you will all be missed.

Just a note to say thank  you so much for developing [child] into a confident and happy child who is excited and ready to start school. [child]  is going to miss coming to nursery he has really enjoyed it. we have never worried about leaving [child]  in your care, we knew he was in safe hands, Thank you again for making it so enjoyable and fun.

Thank you so much for looking after [child] so well over the past 2 years, she has developed so much and had loads of fun. For me it has made going back to  work a much easier experience knowing how happy [child]  is at nursery. Thank you for accommodating us when we needed it.